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What's For Lunch Conference

08-06-2011 16:18

Food integrity is becoming increasingly important; authenticity, origin of food, geographical location (terroir), traceability and security and safety of food production requires new diagnostic tools and implementation of new information systems.

CHILL-ON at FrioTrack

2011-01-04 14:36

CHILL-ON results were presented during a seperate session under the umbrella of the FrioTrack conference in Barcelona on 18th November 2010.

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The aim of this work package is to develop a Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) of the chilled/frozen food supply chain. This involves the identification of the most critical spots along the chain and the most critical micro organisms in the fish and poultry sector allocated and defined. In the frame of the work package a QMRA model as well as a quantitative HACCP (=Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) tool will be developed and integrated. The combined HACCP-QMRA system will be implemented into a Decision Support System (DSS) to achieve real time inputs for the risk assessment.

Beside this activities the partners will perform an assessment of currently used food packaging and investigate in possible improvements. Afterwards the safety and effectiveness of the new concepts will be validated.

This work package will research, develop and optimise technologies for the detection of low temperature microorganisms in fish and poultry products. The work to be performed will involve and connect material science and nano technology, surface chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology.

New cooling technologies will be developed and currently used technologies compared and optimised. The partners will investigate in new packaging solutions for selected fish and poultry products for the integration of the eChillOn smart labels. The work package involves also pilot studies for the initial validation of all CHILL-ON concepts.

The overall aim of this work package is to develop an integrated, ICT (information and communication technology) based system processing data obtained from the developments in other work packages (WP1-3). The innovative system will allow tracking and tracing along the fish and poultry supply chain. The work includes the development of to called eChill-on smart labels which will be a combination of TTIs (time temperature integrators) and RFIDs (radio frequency identification), a mobile management unit for the transport phase of products and a innovative electronic supply chain management system. The development will be combined to the TRACECHILL system based on GPRS, GPS, GIS and RFID technologies.

All technologies developed in the work packages 1 to 4 will be validated through field trials in different geographical sites. The system concept will be also validated in the field with different supply chains. During the field trials, the different technologies, soft-.and hardware will be optimised It to increase industrial, distribution and consumer acceptance.

This work package aims to strengthen the networking relationships between R&D centres, agri-food industry and all food chain supply stakeholders with special emphasis on SMEs specific needs. All partners will carry out dissemination activities throughout the entire project duration to make the industry, the research society and the broad public aware of the CHILL-ON project.

This work package ensures a smooth running of the project and is designed to meet the objectives of all stakeholders, including the European Commission as funding body. It will coordinated the cooperation between industrial, academic and research partners to reach the aim of the project.