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What's For Lunch Conference

08-06-2011 16:18

Food integrity is becoming increasingly important; authenticity, origin of food, geographical location (terroir), traceability and security and safety of food production requires new diagnostic tools and implementation of new information systems.

CHILL-ON at FrioTrack

2011-01-04 14:36

CHILL-ON results were presented during a seperate session under the umbrella of the FrioTrack conference in Barcelona on 18th November 2010.

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CHILL-ON at 40th WEFTA meeting

Chill-on was presented at the 40th WEFTA meeting held in Turkey on October 4-7th 2010 ( WEFTA is an important academic forum for industrial applications of seafood research and has the aims to enhance collaboration in seafood technology and build new bridges to further establish new projects and cooperation of research and industry. The following lectures presented at the conference are all contributions from the Chill-on project: